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My feelings are tangled


Our friends fall, we laugh.


What color is his hair?: dark brown
Cute smile: yesh
Braces: nope
Glasses: nope
Abs: yesh, but not visible
Height: probably like 6 foot or a little shorter
How did you meet him: School. He dated one of my friends last year and he's one of my best friends cousins'.
How long have you known him: 2 years

Does he play any sports: nope
Can he play the guitar: I think...
What about any other music instrument:  don't think so
Do you guys ever text:lol i got no phone at the moment....
Describe something he would wear on a typical day: A band t-shirt, probably Black Veil Brides, black jeans, a sweater and big sneakers, like skater sneakers, cuz he is a skater...
What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear: Eeverything
Least favorite thing: .... Probably that he smokes pot, but I don't mind it much, cuz when my best friend (his cousin does it I don't get mad, cuz I love her too much, so ya. As long as it doesnt affect him that much I don't mind it. And as long as his grades are still good.) 
Do your friends know that you like him:DUH! lol my best friend told me to say yes when I told her he asked me out. and I kidnapped his sweater ^-^
Do your parents know him?: Kinda... my mom saw him at dinner tonight cuz we went to wendy's and he works there and he was working tonight... he's so cute in his uniform! :)
Do you think they would like him if you were dating him?:If they knew he smoked hell no!!! but they don't, and they don't need to know....

Do you know him properly?: lol dude, it's a person not an assignment!
Have you met his parents: no...
What would you do if he saw your witty: .-. omg... die of laughter, cuz he'd know this was about him, and he'd laugh at me and he'd like pick on me about it.... lol in a nice playful way of course! He's a good guy. He freaked out today cuz he thought someone hit me. It was the water bottle in my bag, it hit something in it and he freaked out.


Some girls would be so pretty if they'd just wax their damn eyebrows!
I literally just saw a book titled The Llama of Death at the library today.
The Llama of Death.
I mean what even

I am sick of always being forgotten. 
when making them happy is at the top of your list, thats love.
This quote does not exist.

And one day your name just didn´t make me smile anymore and my name made you cry

Trying to eat





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