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I'm shy at first but I do the stupidest random

things when I get comfortable with someone...

We're hidden away form the world
isolated can't see the light
we're bounded up and tied forced away from the morning light
We're  self hidden, someone we're not
I'm only half of what I thought
but we're together lets end this togther 
we can be free forever and ever.
This quote does not exist.
Behind the fear and pain there's a person standing here.
Behind the wall of fear and blame, would this all end in flame?
Behind my self I can see who I am is who I need to be.
I can't help but cry, knowing how fast time goes by.

children drugs are good for you.

I hear your voice so faint and clear, I can hear you, your just no where near.
I turn to see that your standing right next to me,
Your ghosts is comforting, I just wish you were here
with your  warming arms wide open, you can hold me tight.
To all the girls out there. If you have ever been called ugly or fat or to skinny. Or called any inappropriate name. Just throw those haters over your shoulder! Because those people aren't worth your time! And if you. Ever. Ever need anyone to talk to I am here for you! I will be your shoulder to cry on! Love all your beautiful and perfect! Ladies! Keep your head up and stay strong!!
This quote does not exist.
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