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So there's this guy He makes so many mistakes He's far from perfect Sometimes I get so angry at him But at the end of the night he's the one I think about He's the last person I talk to before I go to bed He tries so hard and cares about me So there's this guy And he's kinda my everything
friend: you have a bad mouth.
me: no i don't, i have a colorful vocabulary.
One Direction Update
8/25/13 11:55 PM EDT
Hey guys! So today was the big day of the VMAs! The boys presented the first award for Best Pop Video to Selena Gomez! They also won the award for Best Summer Song!! It was a great night and tomorrow is the big NYC premier!!

So, the big VMA drama is Niall and Ellie and Ed and Ellie. So as a lot of you have said, loads of fans have been worried about whether Niall is dating Ellie Goulding. Well, first this happened: http://t.co/h6znLniNpb (Pretty sure that this is just a kiss on the cheek). And this THIS happened: http://t.co/Q8y4SuL4wR I honestly don't know that to think guys. Maybe they are all just good friends? Hopefully I'll have more info tomorrow.

Rumors: Okay so I know there is something with Harry and someone called Paige. I didn't really look into the rumor because I knew that it was lies and fake. And it is, so Harry girls sleep tight.

Links: The boys with their awards: http://t.co/hMj1ExnEg7

Sorry I don't have time for more pictures, I have school tomorrow morning and I need to sleep!


boy: did it hurt?
girl: *sighs*
girl: did what hurt?
boy: breaking earth's crust as you ascended from hell.
boy: trololololololol


just kill me already.
thats what you're good at.
every time you don't look at me,
every time you don't smile at me.
every time you don't talk to me..
yeah, you kill me.

This quote does not exist.
We r idiots who can talk nonsense fa hours 
Bt we r frnds who vl talk wen we need each other da most.
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My mind says Victoria's Secret model,
                                                                                     but my heart says pizza, starbucks and chocolate.


Humans have a knack for choosing precisely
the things that are worst for them.

- Albus Dumbledore

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