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It's in your blood stream 

A collision of atoms that happens before your eyes 

It's a marathon run or a mountain you scale without thinking of size
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this may be hard but let go of the things that make you sad. let go from the bad memories and create new good ones. you dont deserve to be sad. so let go.
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If You Put The Work In, The Result Will Come.
Everyone: it's wrong to dehumanize females.
Everyone: let's go dehumanize men instead.

Like, I mean, you do realize you guys judge and stereotype
guys all. the. f.ucking. time. right? The way you talk about them
is no better than what you complain about.

Ladies, If you aren't a mans'

first choose than don't become

his second choose. IF he truly

liked you, you would have been

his first choose.

Hey, you've been used
Are you calm? Settle down.

Write a song, I'll sing along.
Soon you'll know that you are sane
You're on top of the world again.

expectations- belle&sebastian
Its sad when you think..... The guy i like yea hes way out of my league. I don't deserve him. And its true. 
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