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All this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending...
The Girl Quiz
answer 'em!
Do you sleep in your bra? most of the time
Like noodles? Um yesh
Enjoy drama? OMG! YES!
Girly-Girl? When I wannabe o.o
Small or larger purse? Um small
Short? Short..
Like someone? yes .-.
Care if socks dirty? i guess
Like halloween? not really
Wierdest place u slept? Um in my mom's bed...
Smacked in butt? wait wat?
Rumor about you? :o noooo
Call anyone by there last name? yeah
Girls be Honest:
Color bra your wearing? pink
Light or dark hair in guys? dark
Besfriend? too many
Like someone? i aready said yesh 
Like your life? um idk
Jumped in a pool with clothes on? no
Girl or boy friends more? boy o.o
How long u have a facebook? like 4 years
Cried youself to sleep? omg yes o.o
Ever not able to get someone out of your head?  yeah >.<
Missing someone? ... yup
Who u texting right now? people.
This guy or that guy? this guy
Cowboy or gangster wtf. 
Face or body? both
Sweet or s e x y? bothh
Contacts or glasses? contacts
In a Boy
funny or serious? 
dark or light eyes
long or short hair?
hockey or football player?
No beautiful sunset, Or beautiful girl, Or beautiful starry night, Can take away the beauty Of when somebody Laughs after they cry, Because that is simply The most beautiful thing In the entire world
kakorraphiophobia-fear of rejection
Guys may not be perfect in relationships, but lets face it, no one is. Not even us girls who complain all the time about guys
Some of you guys are so stupid

You write quotes saying that girls shouldn't get c.rap for sleeping with guys or anything. I've seen hundreds of these, yet I continue to see quotes about Taylor being a sl.ut. 


Just cause she is famous, she loses the right to be seen or thought of as a normal human being? Really? Isn't she a woman? Why does she get c.rap for dating guys then? Especially since you are standing up for girls who get called that.  And I doubt that she actually slept with any guy. Yes, she has had lots of boyfriends but get over it.
I bet some of your friends have had just as many or more. 

Seriously, all this drama started because Taylor dated Harry. But unless you are going to call every single person who has dated many times a sl.ut, then shut up. 

Just. Shut. Up
This quote does not exist.
when that one day comes, I will dance, and I will laugh, and I will find beauty in everything surrounding me and I will NEVER go back to the dark place. again.
This quote does not exist.
sometimes the person that you would take a bullet for, turns out to be the one with the gun........
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