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In God I Trust




When theres so much history between the two but no future.
Cos when love starts out
It's all peachy
I love you, you love me, seems easy
It's like a walk in the park
But sometimes it takes an act of my will
And a walk in a park turns to uphill
But i promise to give you my heart

Love is just so beautiful
But sometimes it takes work
And the ones you love
At times can leave you so hurt

I will choose to love you, yeah
Even though i wanna stay mad
Even though i wanna get angry
Though it may be easier to walk away

I will choose to stay and love you

~ Stan Walker, Choose You
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kiss me like your life depends on it.
its sad cuz i have to live with
my insecurites for the rest of my life...
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This quote does not exist.
When somebody truly loves you, they with see your flaws and love you in spite of them and they will teach you to love yourself.
I Feel Like This Needs To Be Said:
- Not all Republicans are homophobic
- Not all blondes are dumb
- Not every girl who wears make-up is insecure
- Not all guys are jerks
- Not all cheerleaders are b!tches
-Not all Asians are smart
- Not everyone with self confidence is self centered
The lesson here?
Stop judging others based on stereotypes. 
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