Quotes added on Wednesday, September 4 2013

I resist it,
Using my Skin as a Canvas.
Though it Remains Blank, Unmarked, Unscathed.
I imagne the artwork I can Create
with a Sharp Metal Paintbrush and Blood-Red Paint.

I don't know you, but I want you.. 

I’m like a spider.

From a distance, you’re like “Ok, Ya. Whatever.”

But up close...

You’re like

“Oh crap!”


This quote does not exist.
Not everyone is "Perfect" .. 

Sometimes you have to look past their mistakes.
..because poeple can change.
This quote does not exist.
yes hello there was a cute guy in my math class wearing a Sleepin with Sirens shirt & idk how old he is bc there are Juniors in the class. Halp me pls.
Confession #9?

I don't know how many you people want me to make of these
So like decide a number or something.
And then I'll start being serious about them.
Sound cool?

*If 9 is the chosen number, I'll stop here.
Even though I skipped like 4-6...
Maybe we're Friends , Maybe we're More.
Maybe it's just my Imagination.
 .. <3 ..
Sometimes the strong will fall, but they will always find a way to get back up.
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