Quotes added on Sunday, September 8 2013

Fav [♥] if you have...

(1) Been to Mars.
(2) Given birth to a hippopotamus.
(3) Found Osama Bin Laden in hide and seek.
(4) Performed life threatening heart surgery on a 104 year old man.
(5) Discovered a unicorn egg.
(6) Dug a hole to China.
(7) Breathed.
ArayaBoo1 I love you!!!!!!

She's making us brownies!!! <3

I love my very smexy friend ;*

i hate it when people shït on others’ excitement. like “hey! i got a new computer!” “that’s nice, but mine’s better” or “hey! i finally killed that guy that’s been bugging me for weeks!” “what the f×ck i’m calling the police” unbelievable.
you better get real good at being alone. because whether you like it or not, alone is what your going to be most of the time

My  parents  should   be   proud   of   me
Because  I'm   addicted   to  witty
not  to  drugs


things that will always sound sarcastic
good for you
thanks a lot
yeah right
nice to know
way to go
ok buddy

Boy, you
need to learn
how to read

the lines.
My boyfriend and I always have these cute little arguments. <3
He won't let me do dishes.

Today he told me he had to do the dishes at his house, and I told him I would do them for him. He said "No. I won't let you." So we started arguing about it. ^-^ Only my boo <3
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

If could change the world
over night, there'd be no such
thing agoodbye and
we'd get the chance we deserve.

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Lost & insecure
You found me,
You found me.

>>Lyin' OnTheFloor

Why'd you have to wait?
Where were you?
Where were you?

Just a little late.....
You found me,
You found me.

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