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Why I am not friends with any of my family on facebook.
Because most of my extended family lives in England and if you have the same last name even though you don't know them they will add you. Just because they f.cking can. Like no, go away.
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I can never stop thinking about her. As long as I live I never will stop loving her. She is my light and my world and I can never forget her beautiful face. I always think about what I could've done better. For us. But no, stupid old me had to mess it up. I don't care what the world thinks. You are the love of my life Laura Gooding. I will never stop loving you. Please hear me out. Please never forget about me. Please. I love you.
I will rather see you happy with someone else than unhappy with me. </3
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Did your dad ask you about me after the game?
Did he ask about "The girl you hugged and had your arm around"?
Did he notice that you were leaning against me while we talked?
If he did, what did you tell him?
Did you tell him I was just a friend?
Did you tell him you liked me?
Did you say I was nobody?
Did you ask him how much he saw or heard?
Did you talk to him about me, or just let it go?
He saw us hug, twice.
He saw you put your arm around me as we talked.
I'm pretty sure he saw you leaning against me.
He heard us talking.
Fighting like we've been married 80 years. 
Flirting like a new couple.
Protecting each other like brother and sister.
Talking like best friends.
He saw it all, and I'm pretty sure he's asked about me by now.
What did you tell him?
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This quote does not exist.
U is for Utopia
It do
esn't exist
You'll rot in this life
Like a
ll the rest
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