Quotes added on Thursday, September 12 2013

I want to cuddle with you so badly it's ridiculous <3
I just want to talk about him.
How cute he is, how great he is to me, how hard he makes me laugh...
I definitely made the right decision.
so..I like this guy and like,every time i see him.
I get choked up
I stop breathing and I get butterflies,
this causes me to be clumsy and make a complete full out of myself.
I dont even really like him,I just think he's amazingly cute.
point is:
I'm socially awkward around him.

This quote does not exist.
Have you ever wanted someone so bad it hurt? I did.
This morning on the bus:

Her: What day is it?
Some random kid: HUMP DAY!
Another random kid: 9/11

Dawn: All music is good in some way.
*Shows her Miley Cyrus' We Can't Stop*
Dawn: Like I said, all music. I wouldn't consider this rubbish music even if music was this terrible.
This quote does not exist.
Wittian: omfg, imagine if your followers were money.

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And then,
The mirror confirmed my thoughts.

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