Quotes added on Friday, September 13 2013

*In history class and my bag is on my friend's desk*

My Friend; " What is this on my desk?"
Me; " Your mom... Ohh!"
My friend; " Your mom jokes are so old."
Me; " Like your mom! Ohhhhhhh!"
Okayy, so this guy I like came over the other day and he and I were doing stuff. It seemed like he liked me back on homecoming, and the day after (when he comes over) we do stuff. Now he won't talk to me. Did I do something wrong.....? the only conclution i can come up with is that i am a little slore
Everytime I need someone to talk to, there's never anyone there... I don't belong here, I get that now. 
You're perfect for the heart that's meant to love you
“All I want, like in the world, is to just keep talking to you. I wanna know how your day was; where you wanna eat; and I wanna argue with you; and I wanna hear all your theories — even the ones that are just completely, you know, wrong? And I know it’s not that simple. I just think — no I really believe that if you just, if you just be willing to continue having this conversation with me, then we can figure the rest out.”            
I think about you 25/8
i just dont want to deal with this anymore. i cant deal with this crap that i have to face. i know that i have to put on a bright happy smile, and act like im all okay, but if you knew me, and the secrets i hide, you would know im anything but fine
This quote does not exist.
I literally had a breakdown because
the iTunes app on my laptop didn't load fast enough for me.

If that doesn't explain how periods work then i don't know what does.
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