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I guess this should just be my time of letting this go. Maybe we just aren't meant to be like i thought we were. It just sucks because no matter what happend i never thought you would hurt me and make me cry like you have been. The last time we talked everything seemed to all fine and happy , i seen you at country jam and then it was nothing. I hope you know that no matter what you'll never find a girl who loves you like i do. I'll always love you no matter whar happens betweens us. I just wish you would feel the same way like i thought you actually did. We used to talk everday,everynight like it was an normal habbit like we could do it for the rest of our lives. I remember when i first started falling for you and having feelings for you. I remember all of our connversations from that moment till now. I wonder if you do too. I remember how when you moved to WV i cried because i didn't see you for a few months , but we still talked everynight and when we got bored and missed eachother we would send pictures to eachother. I simply just miss everyhing. I'm crying now writting all this but i just need to get it off my chest . You were the one person that was always there for me, you said you hated to see me cry, well i hope you hate yourself right about now. You were the one person i was looking forawrd to wish me a happy birthday but you had to of been to busy or just forgot all about me right. Once i turned 18 we were supposed to try and work it all out and maybe be together but after all that, that's when you stopped talking to me like all the rest. I feel so stupid because i thought you were so different and that you actually did cared and loved me.I guess it was all a game right, well guess what it's my heart thats breaking all over again.
History class:

Teacher: You didn't put it in your notes?
Me: No! It wasn't in the keynote! If it's important it goes in the keynote!
Teacher: Then your going to have a hard awakening for college-
Me: This isn't college! Lower your expectations!
The class: *laughs*

Me: 😎

I wish i was there with you, so you can brighten up my day just a little bit..

i believe the reason why i sleep so often is because i am afraid.

i am afraid of the outside world and the people in it. inevitably so, we all have to face it. but there is a period of time, a string of hours, where we are usually the most undisturbed. a span where there is no interaction with others and no criticism from others, if you sleep alone that is.

that period of time is sleep, and i find it surprisingly precious.

when i was young, i avoided it as much as possible. and now it is one of the things i yearn for the most
because when i sleep, i can appreciate the silence, the emptiness, and every space that lies in between.
Dear old friendship,
I don't think you know how much I miss you. Sometimes you made me feel like really bad about myself, but you were always there. Since I was 11 you were my best friend and these past two years have been horrible and I miss you a lot.
I could text you right now but I know it wouldn't be the same because you hate me. I screwed it up- like I screwed up everything.

Our friendship was amazing. We were so close. If we had a whole couch we would still choose to sit right next to each other. It wasn't weird to sit in each others laps. Or even kiss each other on the cheek (you did that alot). 
We were true best friends.
I look back and try to smile on the memories but I miss hugging my best friend. I miss calling you my best friend.

We didn't have to ask each other to hang out, we simply told each other we were on the way. Staying at each other's houses for weeks on end was nothing unnormal because we would have lived together we had the chance.
Our friendship was pure and got tainted with all the horrible things we had to go through. We destroyed ourselves and in the mix of it, destroyed our friendship too.

I had new friends now, and so do you. But it will never be the same.
You can't replace a friendship like ours was. People thought we were a couple because we were so close. We did everything together- I couldn't leave without bring you with me.

So now I'm sitting here getting all nostalgic because when I remember what it was like, I miss it.


                                   A old friend


I'm terrible at making decisions and that bothers me.


This quote does not exist.
Come here friend.
What? I just want to tickle your neck,
with a knife,
possibly killing you...
No biggie
This quote does not exist.
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