Quotes added on Saturday, September 14 2013

I Swear...
parents can be
more judgemental and shallow, 
than the populars at my school.

*mom voice*: I'm not mad I'm just diappointed 


we sang happy birthday to Niall yesterday in drama.

the whole class was forced to sing it. 

Steph = Best Teacher EVER. 
You're always my first choice too
He turned into a player....I wish he would go back to being himself
This quote does not exist.
We parents do get judgemental and over controlling i just wish i would have stopped sooner and he would have talked to me i would have understand
tie me up as much as you want, but ill fight my way out,

ill fight my way out.
Be a leader; never a follower. Write your own path to success. 
This quote does not exist.
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