Quotes added on Saturday, September 14 2013

I Swear...
parents can be
more judgemental and shallow, 
than the populars at my school.

*mom voice*: I'm not mad I'm just diappointed 


we sang happy birthday to Niall yesterday in drama.

the whole class was forced to sing it. 

Steph = Best Teacher EVER. 
You're always my first choice too
He turned into a player....I wish he would go back to being himself
i have learned from my friends going out, that they are stupid... they are pretty much best friends and they are going out and there is no way they are going to stay friends after they break up. i wanted to go out with one of my best guy friends but i know not to because i know we wouln't be friends after words. so if you have a best friend that you have a crush on and you want to stay just friends after you break up, i recommend leaving it at just a crush.
We parents do get judgemental and over controlling i just wish i would have stopped sooner and he would have talked to me i would have understand
tie me up as much as you want, but ill fight my way out,

ill fight my way out.
Be a leader; never a follower. Write your own path to success. 
watching jay leno. laughing my a.ss off.
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