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september is going by pretty quick meaning october is almost here bringing with it another season of blood curdling screams and fear... i can feel my inner demons awakening and as they take control with my last bit of sanity i warn you to run because soon i will be coming for your soul...
Seth William Walsh, I miss you everyday more than you will ever know.
My great grandma



Date assigned: September 12th

Date due: September 17th

Date I did it: September 16th (at like 10:00 at night)

Date I put on the paper: September 14th

I cannot take this freaking pain my stomach hurts so much god I can't eat this much it hurts
Me: if I don't see some work done on those books by Christmas, and I mean some decent work, your playstation will meet my bat. Good motivation? Brian: jesus Buttery Fat that is some decent motivation... I am now afraid of my younger sister. Me: hahahaha Jesus Buttery Fat? And you should have always been afraid of me.
This quote does not exist.
Replacing my heart with a liver so I can drink more and care less.
Cried so hard I threw up. That's nice..
My boyfriend bit my arm and now I have a bruise... All for a hair tie... 

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