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Quiet people have the loudest minds....
I remember when I was watching WALL-E the first time I saw the repair ward.
I remember seeing the doors open and just these pristine white walls with pen after pen lined up against the wall of defunct machines.
Robots that didn't do what they were supposed to do.
Things that didn't fit what was normal, what was expected.
Broken and dysfunctional, literally fenced in from the rest of the world.
Imagine how awful that would feel, sitting there in your own little pen,
Knowing that no one wanted you because you were different,
Because of something you yourself couldn't really control.
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There are people who get Top This Week and/or Top This Month
Like 3+ times every week/month
And I'm just sitting here like
'Oh great, beloved Wittian. Teach me your secrets.'
Friend 1: *does cool yo-yo trick*
Friend 2: Hey you did good at that, you know what else you did MY MOM!
everything is cliche these days 
So my brother was sitting in a wheelchair with the fridge open

and a spoon in his hand saying "I'm going to be healthy"
Life is a journey
many choose to follow a single path
but i tend to let mine wander
wander like a deer in the forest
one moment part of a group, of friends and family
and the next, abandoned, confused, and alone
alone because of weakness
singled out by the others
because of faults only they can see
after many long hard battles, some wom, but most shamed in defeat,
you start to lose hope,
for what good is a pond without water?
You feel that evrything is lost,
that you cannot possably go on
suddenly, you see your herd!
the place where you belong
but as you are crossing the path, the last sliver of your journey,
you are struck down and killed
murdered by a monster who did not care enough to slow down
in too much of a hurry to be where they wanted to be, not where they needed to be
but even though your body lies rotting on the ground,
your journey is not over
it will continue into the next life, or mabey the one after that,
but your journey is never truely over,
until you have reached the place you belong, and the people you belong with
until then you must keep wandering.
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