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This cosmic dance, bursting dedadence and withheld permissions, twists all our arms collectively.
But, if sweetness can win - and it can - then I'll still be here tomorrow to high five you yesterday, my friend.  Peace.

~*~ Adventure Time ~
Finn:  Sing cause yo mama, you mama, yo mama said.
            She said yo mama, yo mama, yo mama, what?
            What yo mama say, she say?

Jake:  I'm busy makin' babies, greasy babies,
            Sliding on my gravies, in the -
            (Pause) I forgot the next part.
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I’m a ghost
Haunting these halls
Climbing up walls that I never knew were there
And I’m lost
Broken down the middle of my hard, heart
I’m broken down the middle of my hard, heart, heart

You know you make me a ghost
You make me a ghost
I’m an invisible disaster
I keep trying to walk but my feet don’t find the solid ground
It’s like living in a bad dream
I keep trying to scream but my tongue has finally lost its sound

I’ve got to say goodbye
To the pieces of me that have already

I think it's strange that you think I'm funny
'cause he never did.


The thing which i hate the most is feeling sad and abandoned...

by your fav persons.



   You can't truly love until you've
  given up on it.


A boy becomes a man when he:

1. Follows you when you walk out
2. Calls you back when you hang up
3. Hugs you when you punch them
4. Kisses you when you hug them
5. Watches chick flicks with you
6. Tolerates you crying over love stories
7. Hands you the remote
8. Passes on boys night to listen to your ranting
9. Doesn't flare up when you give him car directions
10. Says "I'm sorry" and tells you he needs you

1. Is as swift as a coursing river
2. Has all the force of a great typhoon
3.  Has all the strength of a raging fire
4. Is as mysterious as the dark side of the moon
One Direction Update
9/27/13 10:30 AM EDT
Hello everyone! Today was another day off for the boys which means more hot pictures of Narry golfing! Liam and Zayn went shopping and Louis was seen but didn't want any pictures. So we don't really know what he did. Right now it's 10:30 PM in Perth. Just so you know the time difference.

Louis' sister Fizzy confirmed that Diana is about fans who are depressed or are going through tough times.

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys have a show at the Perth Arena! (How creative they got with that name).

Rumors: None but there is a spot of drama concerning the boys running red lights in Australia. It's not the boys' faults, it's whoever drives the bus.

This Day Last Year: The boys were working on their radio promo for the TMH album. Liam also got his buzz cut a year ago!

Links: Niall and a fan today: http://t.co/xOo4Vncn7b
Liam and a fan today: http://t.co/tYteQstzUZ
Harry golfing today: http://t.co/giZ8wDvHlg
Harry golfing: http://t.co/0jXit3kPYP

Niall golfing: http://t.co/e9tEmKBm9i

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