Quotes added on Saturday, September 28 2013

I'm stuck in a basement,
sittin' on a tricycle, girl gettin'
on my nerves; goin' outta my
mind, thought she was fine,
don't know if her body is hers.

I am posting Chapter 2 (and maybe 3) tomorrow on my fanfic, Everything has changed :))
This quote does not exist.
i really need to cuddle with someone right now fml
Guys, there is a girl in my class whose name is Caitie and she's from Africa. And she's white.

If she sings Jingle Bell Rock at our school talent show I'll take a video and post it on youtube.
So my friend died today. I had to act like nothing was wrong. I held it in for 7 hours. I've been bawling ever since I got home. I was with friends who literally made me feel like the lowest scum on the planet. 

Except there was one guy there who didn't. I was cold and he warmed me up. We were sitting on a couch and he just took me in his arms and put his head on mine and just held me, and hoestly that's the only thing I needed tonight.
Tired isn't even a feeling for me anymore, I think it's become more of a personality trait

Yes, madam,

I am drunk but in the morning i will be sober...

and you will still be ugly.



A lot of people are afraid of heights....!!

Not me, I'm afraid of widths :D



Invention of the day... actually night

I found the way to look thin..!!

Hang out with fat people..:D


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