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OMG today our teacher asked us what we hate about ourselves and I was really awkward because I wanted t yell EVERYTHING but I just said my hair,omg I wanted to cry so much,is it normal or I'm just going insane

My stomach is rumbling but I'm to tired to get up
Okay but seriously though, I'm not okay 
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I'm going to a party tonight...
Like an actual party with people and alcamahol and everything!!!

This is INSANNNEEE!!!!!!!!
That moment when you laugh,
because you have no idea,
what the f/ck you just  heard/saw
They're all laughing;
no matter what I do
happy 16th birthday to my sweet and beautiful ex that ive known for 4 years and in those 4 years wev had some great memory's and some were bad but at the end of the day i still love and care for you so if anybody tries putting u down you come tell me ill break their skull! <3, anyways happy birthday samiie <3
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I saw him passing by my way. I didn't know how to react.I use to smile and greet him but today I just couldn't. Besides. he's the star of the basket ball team and I'm just some ordinary girl. He'll never notice a geek like me.
I passed by the pretty smart girl in the corridor I sit next to in chemistry. I tired to smile to her but she looked the other way. Besides, I'm just some guy who shoots hoops while she's this beautiful honor student. She'll never like me.

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