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Him: You smell like pizza.
Well, that's romantic. 
One Direction Update
10/1/13 10:20 PM EDT
Hey guys! There's really nothing to update on today! The boys had the day off the pretty much stayed around the hotel. Liam and Harry were spotted at the gym and Niall was said to have been at a shopping center. But other than that, there's not been much going on!

As for the Harry/ Pagie & Co issues. They are still trying to get at Harry and the rest of us. Honestly, they are just doing it for attention. I think at this point we just try to ignore them and let it go.

The boys are going to be performing on the X Factor Australia on October 7th when they are in Sydney. 

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys have a show at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne!

Rumors: None

This Day Last Year: Harry did one of his random LA visits and the others were just hanging around with friends and such.

Links: Harry on his way to the gym: 
This quote does not exist.
Someone i can talk to
The one i want to get close to
i love u 

All I want is for someone to love me for me.
Is that really too much to ask?
Is it really that difficult?

What am I doing wrong?

- Me



 All I ever wanted was someone who would care,
but everyone just leaves.        
... 'Cause there's a spark in you, you just gotta ignite the light.
And let it shine.

Sweet and charming outside,
Broken inside,

Never will know whreally am

Pain makes people change.


Life is the art of writing,
without an eraser ♥


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