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& I have this urge
to find all the blankets
I can and make a fort.

So you know how sister's are right??????? Well they make fun of you have you do things for you all th het fun stuff but brothers are ulk
Hold my heart
It's beating for you anyway
Pretty bad when you're not even important enough to be remembered. 

I'm the book you always opened
but you never read.
The story so far

my first confession: i've only seen my biological father four times in my entire life. i used to talk to him a lot, but i haven't talked to him since December. he left my mother when he got her pregnant in highschool.rhgtuhgtuhgturhighuigh          
Guy Who Sits In My Group In Science: I make girls very happy, thank you.
Girl #1 Who Sits In My Group In Science: Oh yeah? How?
Guy: I will buy them hair stuff from Bath and Body Works
Me: And what hair stuff do you think you're gonna get from BATH and BODY works?
Girl #1: Yeah. Bath and BODY works. Not bath and hair works.

Hair Stuff From Bath and Body Works.
Hair Stuff From Bath and Body Works.
Hair Stuff From Bath and Body Works.
Hair Stuff From Bath and Body Works.

Draw a map, find a path.
Take a breath and run.


Happy Birthday to my lovly Bestfriend/sister.!!! you're now 14.! I love you your beautiful and we have been threw hell and back...we have made millions of memories. :) Gosh...we will make plenty of more memories and i love that.! We fight sometimes but we get over it fast. and we will always be friends no matter what.! i hold all your secretes and you hold all mine.! its been probably over a year now.! and im soo glad we are sisters. ^.^ I can even remember how we became friends but we did. :) Welp Happy Birthday Gorgeous.!! Dont forget to get your birthday kiss from Bobby. ;) lol I love you. and again Happy birthday my Beautiful and amazing sister/Bestfriend. ^.^  I love you bae.! Kyrah Leigh Anderson :')
Follow her : Kyrahleigh.
dont you hate that one person in class? and you keep saying stuff about them? but they used to be close to you? or is it just me?
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