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Why did the baker stop making doughnuts?
Because he got tired of the hole thing.
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all the pain and the truth

    i wear like a battle wound

    so ashamed, so confused, i was broken and bruised


This quote does not exist.
happy birthday colton wilson we love nd miss you rest in peace
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Spongebob&Patrick: "Surprise!
Happy Birthday, Squidward!
Happy happy
Happy birthday
Happy, happy
Pin the
Tail on
the seahorse!
Happy happy
Happy birthday, 

Squidward: " It's not
My bithday!!!"

"Opposite Day"

This quote does not exist.

if you end up
with a boring miserable life

you listened to your mom,
your dad, your teacher,
your priest, or some guy on
television telling you how to do your sh¡t,
then you deserve it.
Dog: woof
Cat: meow
Bird: chirp
Mouse: squeak
Cow: moo
Frog: croak
Seal: ow ow ow
Elephent: toot

I'll stop being lazy as soon as being lazy stops being so awesome.
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