Quotes added on Monday, October 7 2013

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I just want someone who would

✖ watch movies with me and cuddle

✖ text me all the time 

✖ stay up til ridiculous hours just talking to me

✖ make me feel loved when I feel like nothing

✖ hug me whenever im down

✖ bring me chocolate when im on my period

I just want a guy that knows how to treat a girl well

thats it

but thats so hard to find now-a-days

Too-ra-loo-ra, too-ra-loo-rye, aye

From the second you are born, you start to die.

Well I dont live for drama but I really wish the Jai gets through this and I know the other boys will help him

They stick up for eachother

Plus Luke called her a whóre
Love them


Im going to sleep now

we love you

This quote does not exist.
goodnight everyone
i love you

stay strong
& if you were a dementor;
I'd be a criminal.. just to get your kiss 


 ;nothing could ever replace you

My Format
Not feeling good. ):
Feeling tired as ever.
Have a headache.
I just feel so ugghh. lol
But on the plus side....
I go to the dentist tomorrow
And after three LONG years,
I finally get my braces off! :D

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