Quotes added on Wednesday, October 9 2013

(sorry, I need to rant about a current issue in my life)
Those overrated, rich, arrogant guys that every girl likes?
Yeah, they actually exist.
And when they somehow appear in your life,
they will ruin it.
They will turn one of your best friends into a complete stranger.
A stranger that has forgotten how much you care for her,
or that you even walk on the same country as her.
So beware.
Those guys are a bad omen.
When they appear... you know shizzle is going down.

(My friends and I cannot even process what's going on)
So I will try again
Live like no one will judge
Be more then just beautiful be yourself
What if every face claim on Tumblr was actually a mun in that RPG? What if the actors in movies read the fanfictions written about them? What if celebrities stalked themselves?
                            Today in art class we were drawing a tiny sketch of the Mona Lisa. It was small                                 and I was not supposed to pay attention to detail.
                            Friend: There is hair over her shoulder.
                            Me: The next thing over your shoulder will be my arm punching your face.
Sometimes I honestly just want to drop out of school,
get a job doing casual every day crap,
until I can get my mind set to finish highschool
and be a fahking amazing art teacher.
Who else when they were younger and messed up for a colour on their project would first freak out, then grab the correct colour, and colour darker over that part so it looks like you didn't mess up?

 Just me?
That feeling you get when someone you used to be friends with and still like is logged on.
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