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          >>>And you call me up again just to 
                                break me like a promise.  

Fight Like A Girl

when fall comes in & all of a sudden its october, eveyone thinks hot chocolate,
pumpkins, sweater weather & Holloween. when I think of october, I think of pink
ribbions, hospital visits, & lots of tears. I think of the pretty colors of fall that some
beautiful lady's will never see again. I'd like to dedicate this quote to everyone &
anyone that's lost their battle, won their battle, or is still fighting their battle; their
batle against breast cancer<3 ~October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month<3~

This quote does not exist.

          >>> I remember when we broke up the first time
                       saying, "This is it, I've had enough," cuz like,
                       We hadn't seen eachother in a month when you said you "needed space," 


          >>>You may say I'm a dreamer,  
       but I'm not the only one.

This quote does not exist.
When I need you, you're nowhere to be found. But when
you need me, I'm always right there by your side.

Me: What should I be for halloween?
Brother: You should be Tinkerbell
Mom: Pfft, sure and your brother should be Peter Pan
Me: Well, he wouldn't need a costume, he could just walk around with a frying pan. You get it, his name is Peter and he's holding a pan, so that makes Peter Pan!
Everyone: * starts laughing, alot *
Me: K, guys it wasn't THAT funny

will forever be enough...
so there ain't no need to rush?
here I am wAiting fOr $oMeOne wHo CoUld fiX me .. cause I aM BrOkEn AgiAin...I trusted a pErsOn but STll bRoKe i! "CAN ANYONE FIX ME ? "
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