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never guaranteed.

I'll push you away.
I get so afraid.

you're proabably sleeping, drooling
on your childhood pillow somewhere,
wrapped up in blankets like
i want you to be wrapped
up in me

and you might be lying awake,
texting one of your friends in an
old knit sweater which scratches the
back of your neck, but it's so
warm and cozy, you don't mind
at all

but the rain still hits your window
like it hits mine and oh god,
i'd kill to be in the same space
as you, listening to the seasons
pass so uninterrupted, and
counting the seconds
between thunder and lightning


the word trust is as fragile ....as the word i love you it can be fake or true ...its hard to tell -cri

sooner or later
»ā™”you're gonna fall for your best friend

the past made you but the future forms you to who you want to be -crzuri
I love laughter.
I love seeing the smile people have when they laugh- how it's the biggest smile they can have.

I love when people try to stifle their laugh in moments of seriousnes. 

And when people double over or cover their mouth and with some people, when their dimples appear... Oh god, I love that. 
When people laugh at the smallest things, I feel like laughin' along with them.

When people laugh at the stupidest, wackiest thing.
But it's even better, when people are laughing with you, because whether it was a joke or just something somebody said, you're all sharing a connection and well, that's pretty damn nice.

So you know what? Laugh. Laugh at the class clown in your  math class. Laugh when your friend trips over a chair and they hope nobody saw. Laugh when the actor on the screen says the perfect, witty line. Laugh until your stomach hurts, your lungs are gasping for air and your cheeks feel like they're stretching off your face. Laugh when you think of that embarrassing moment while you're in a serious lecture. Laugh it all off when you say something dimwitted in front of your crush. Laugh in the face of fear.

But laugh with everything you've got, because life can get a little hectic and it can also be fckin' hilarious.  
I need a boyfriend..
My super power is being
super awkward
30 day challenge
1. 15 facts about you
2. Initials of the person you love
3. Your closest friends
4. The thing you most fear
5. The saddest moment in your life
6. Favorite sport
7. Favorite song
8. Your deepest secret
9. First impression of the guy you like now
10. Last time you cried
11. Thing closest to your heart
12. When you hear this song you cry
13. Place you wanna visit badly
14. Favorite book
15. Favorite animal
16. Favorite show
17. Last time someone hurt you
18. The story behind your life
19. Person who scares you the most
20. Last major injury
21. Favorite youtube video
22. Phone type
23. Biggest confession
24. Last break up
25. Last heart break
26. The day you regret the most
27. First friend
28. Favorite drink
29. A letter to someone in your family
30. A letter to a friend
1. 15 Facts About Me

1. My name is Seth
2. I wanna be a Tattoo Artist
3. I'm very strange at times
4. I like to read and write songs
5. I like play drums and bass guitar 
6. I love watching Sherlock, and Falling Skies, Doctor Who etc
7. Horror movies are my favourite
8. I have 2 cats; a fat one and a three-legged one and I love them
9. I'm a Lighting Specialist in theatre 
10. icecream pie
11. I secretly wish I could look like british actors and/or superheroes..
or at least have their accents bc come on,
the accents are awesome.
12. I remember doing something like this two years ago and I dont believe I finished it hehe
13. I am a pathetic and depressed guy sometimes
14. I've been through a lot but I'm happy of who I've become/becoming
15. If I had one superpower it would be to control time.


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