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the amount of sh.t people get for liking one direction is actually ridiculous.
they make us happy if you cant see that get your head out of your a.ss


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Leaving is hard,
but staying is harder.
Moving on hurts,
but holding on drains you.

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For the ones who want to know, Here is what happened (Using Code Names for my friends):

I was walking to my second hour class and my friend came up to me and said, "GO TO YOUR LOCKER! WEIRDO SAID!" and I replied, "Wait what? Now?" and she said, "YES NOW!" so I went to math and left my stuff and told my friend in math to come with me, so she did. I went to my locker and opened it up and saw a bunch of words on my locker and it said,

You Are The Most
Prettiest Girl 
I Know...
Will You Go
To Homecoming
With Me?????
<3 (His name)"

and my math friend was all like, "AWWWWWW!!!!" and I was happy because nobody, absolutely nobody, has gone all far out for me.

And the rest of my day seemed less gloomy, I noticed happy people around me, and I felt the sun shine for once on my happy soul.
Sleep is so cool like you're not alive and neither are you dead so its a win-win
And there he goes again!
showing up out of no where, right wen i start to fall off the edge he's there to catch me.
I dont know wether I'm done or happy he finally came up again.
Let me like other guys!
even if i dont get a chance with them, let me live me life!
I cant be in a relationship with someone who doesnt even make an effort to talk to me anymore,
why do i even bother??

This quote does not exist.
I dont mean any of that..I love-
I dont love him,
I dont know what love is.
I dont think.
I need him though and I know he needs me.
He's became a huge part in my life,
and as much as he walks in and out of it
I still always open the door wen he comes knockin around.

Maybe I'm just a dumb girl that keeps falling for the same guy that will hurt her.
Yes,I'm that girl.
But truly,
I'm not.
I'm a smart girl

I'm smarter then other girls, I know not to fall for-
too late.
*you and your lover getting married* Priest: "....by the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss th-" Zayn frickin Malik: *comes running in* "WAIT !!!!" You: "what" Husband: "what" Everyone: "what" Obama: "what" Jennifer Lopez: "what" Zombies: "what" Aliens: "what" Bacteria: "what" Great blue whale: "what" Abraham Lincoln from the grave: "what" Zayn Malik: has everyone bought the Little mix albums
So the government can shut down but school cant
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