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I'm 18 and graduated high school 4 months ago. That day I didn't realize how different everything would be, but now I do.
My best friend is hours away at college. I see her once a month if I'm lucky. If I had realized it'd be like this I would have taken advantage of every sleepover, shopping trip, study session, movie night, and girls' night.

You don't realize how much you need your best friend until you need someone to talk to and you realize there isn't anyone there. She's just a call or a text away, but it's not the same. She can't drive over to my house if I need her, she can't ooVoo on the spot if I need a vent sesh, and she's not here to pick up the pieces when things aren't going so well.

Take advantage of every day you have with your best friend because one day you'll be desperate for the days you took for granted.

lmfao all the things i tweeted I WAS LAUGHING WHILE THEY WERE BEING TWEETED
silly bum bum bum
u hate me so much/ are so in love with making fun of me your phone is a different name to expose me
jk people with no lives
yo i am obnoxious but at least i'm being real and funny
I'm going to bed soon...

goodnight beauties :) <3
This quote does not exist.
"Pennsylvania is the Alabama of the north."

Well, that explains why the chances of
banging your cousin is alarmingly high here.

FramingMatthew on witty.
go there.
I don't even know him. But he's gone and I miss him. I never even got the chance to say "hello".
People don't deserve this.

I was watching 2 little boys the other day.
One came up to me and said, Emma, I really wish you could be my girlfriend, but you cant
So I asked, 
why not?
He the told me, 
youre white, I'm black. Thats how it goes
I then told him it didnt matter what color you were, love is love.
Its sad that 4 year olds have that mentality

This quote does not exist.
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