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i would love to be patient. but i just won't wait.
i'm getting sick and tired of the smile that i fake every day.
i would love to speak my
mind. but i can't think straight.
i would love to feel alive again but i'm not used to change.

do you sleep anymore?

if it makes you feel better, i'll be on my way
all this time to sit around and think, but there's
nothing to say. and if you want to feel better, i'll stay
out of your way. and i would love to feel
alive again
but i guess that can wait.

do you sleep anymore?

So the conversation in class last Tuesday...

Popular Guy: Hey, Chase, what day is it??
Popular Guy: No, it isn't, you idiot! It's tuesday.
Chase: Oh, well, it's hump day in my heart.
I want to go to a strange city, fall in love with a rock band and sing my heart out to their music at midnight surrounded by thousands of strangers.
I opened a textbook for the first time and on the inside cover where your name goes these were the first three: Mr. R/ape,
Juan P/enis C/ock and Dr. Feelgood
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.

I usually don't hold onto hope
b u t   y  o u' r e    w o r t h    h o ld i  n g   b r ea t he   f  o r..   ..     .

Sometimes my mind wanders other times it leaves completely

like you'll die tomorrow.

as if you'll live forever

like never before

what's a king, boy,
without his queen?

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