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a blonde walks into a bar...
ive come to realize this is like a high schoolers page.... im done.... goodbye...

i want to play twister with someone really hot
oops i fell & touched your whole body
And I almost lose it 
When your eyes gaze down at me,
I see the trust I your eyes.
I see your perfection.
And when you hug me,
I don’t ever want you to let me go.
Freeze me in this moment.
There’s no place,
That I’d rather be,
Than In your arms.
Listening to your heart beat.
Putting the whole world behind.
And if I could block the sun.
I don’t think we’d ever wake up.
You’re that piece in me,

Which holds my belief that,

Love really can last forever.

It holds the memory,

Of that one kiss I’ll never forget and

It holds the youth,

And everything I thought love would be.
Even if you dont like the cover,
Take a look inside,
There might be a whole new story.
Think! What will you get by doing what you are doing? If the answer is “Nothing”, then why do it? - RVM.

Imagine if everybody was born identical

and then as your personality grows so do your looks, 

so if you’re a b/tch you’ll look be really ugly,

and if you’re like really nice and stuff then you’ll be like really attractive?


Friend: Boys love food, especially candy. 
Me: Good to know. 

*An Hour Later*
Me: *approaches boys with large bag*
Me: Hey boys...
Me: *breathes heavily*
Me: Want some can- GET IN THE BAG! 

I don't want you to buy me lot's of shoes,
Or serenade me with flowers. 
I just want you to catch me by surprise one day,
Wrap your hands around my waist,
And then lean in and whisper,
"I love you." 
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