Quotes added on Sunday, October 20 2013

I really think that you came into my life for a reason.
You were supposed to show me what 
real love is. 
You were supposed to show me what a real 
man is supposed to act like. 
The others in my past were just in my life
to show me that there is a much 
better guy out there for me.


2 years old kid: *runs*
family: looks like he's going to be an athlete
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When I get mad at my mom, I don't slam the door or yell "I HATE YOU!" I just quietly go into my room and flicker the light switch on and off. Thats right, raise that Electricity Bill.
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politeness is deception in 

ρяєтту ραcкαgιηg

Miley Cyrus rude a good song with a bad video
-Wrecking ball :'(
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*A dream I had*
I met Rocky and Cece from the Disney Channel show Shake It Up, and we were all part of a dance team and had to compete against Miley Cyrus. It was Rocky's turn to do a dance move when Miley interrupted her and started doing her "Twerk of Death" and turned Rocky into an evil twerking Miley minion. All of a sudden, Robin Thicke came out of no where and was all l like "I'm here to save you because you 3 are good girls and I know you want it! But Miley, you're baaad!" Then he started dancing and singing to Blurred Lines and Miley started to melt and screamed "NO! I can't see! D**n blurred lines!" Then she died and Rocky turned back to normal and Robin Thicke took us all out for icecream.
do you ever just want to punch someone so hard
so hard that you want their face to cave inward

but you love that person deep down inside
and you know that

so you can never find the strength to speak your mind

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