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10 favorites
• Favorite Color: Blue
• Favorite Food: I like a lot of food.
• Favorite Singer: I also like a lot of music.
• Favorite Show: Regular Show/ Adventure Time
• Favorite Sport: Softball and Cheerleading
• Favorite Season: Winter and Summer
• Favorite Day Of the Week: Saturday
• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Blue Moon
• Favorite Time of Day: I always liked night,

9 currents
• Current Mood: sleepy. bored.
• Current Clothes: shorts & aero shirt.
current Computer: HP laptop.
• Current Finger/Toenail Color: Galaxy nails
• Current Time:11:53
• Current Surroundings: phone, gatorade,tv,remote
• Current Annoyance(s):parents
• Current Thought: Anthony

8 Firsts
• First Best Friend: Alexis
• First crush this school year: Anthony
• First Screen Name: Babycakes2178 (shut up its rediculous ik)

• First Pet: Dog
• First Piercing: ears.
• First Thing You Did Today: Eat donuts
• First Thing You Ate Today: donutss
• First School: Ladice

7 Lasts
• Last Food Consumption: Chicken
• Last Car Ride: Last night
• Last Text Message: Ciara
• Last Movie Seen In Theaters: Idk when the move Prisoners came out
• Last Item Bought: New Dog Tag Necklace
• Last CD Played: Script
• Last Website You Were On: Youtube

6 Have You Evers
• Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: yes
• Have You Ever Broken the Law: maybe....
• Have You Ever Been Arrested: I've been brought home with the cops, not arrested.
• Have You Ever Been on TV: Graduation?
•Have Ever Walked Into A Sliding Glass Door: Like 30 times
• Have You Ever Sat On The Roof:  Yeaup

5 Places You've Been To

1. London
2. Paris
3. California.
4. Florida.
5. New York.

4 Things

• You're Wearing: shorts & aero shirt.
• You Did Last Night: Party.
• What Can You Hear Right Now:  I have a movie playing called "The Ugly Truth"
• You Can't Live Without:  Cat, Oxygen, Food, Music, Internet, Anthony ♥

3 People You Can Tell Anything To

• 1. Alexis
• 2. Ciara
• 3. Jessica

2 Choices


• 1. black or white: White.
2. hot or cold:  Hot, Dont wanna freeze to death, then again dont wanna get heat stroke. I dont know.

I wish this would get easier. But it hasn't yet, I've just gotten better at acting.
What American gets to watch Downton Abbey
three months before it actually aires here?
That's right, this girl
so my crush from 83957986 months ago (7 actually) who I still like needs to stop being attractive and having girlfriends that aren't me.
I don't 100% trust anybody. And that really sucks cause sometimes I really need to talk and I don't have anyone I can tell..
What I Have Learned in Life:
When You Lie Once You Have To Keep on Lying 
LIfe can be a pain in the but sometimes but things will get better
Everyone has a story
Everyone Deserves To be Treated Right
Cutting does nothing but Cause Problems and Pain For Your Family
You should never be blind in love.
Sometimes Love doesnt last
Icecream and Treats help you get through a break up.

And so much more

Talen Morser is dead.
Most people would think that being dead
Is all about mopping around, making things
Go bump in the night, or just watching the other side
Live their lives.
It’s the complete opposite.
In the, “After Life”, or Duben, you have everything you
Would have in the, “Physical World”, or Luben.
You have a government, grocery stores, and malls, ect.
Being dead doesn’t mean that you can’t go to Luben, though.
Every night for the past year, Talen watches over a girl named
Aspen, after she was attacked by a member from The Brakes,
 a group of Dubians that attack and gain energy from the souls of the Lubians.
A week after her attack, Talen finds out that Aspen gained the ability
To see the dead because of her encounter with someone from the afterlife.
Having that ability can only mean one thing, death.
The Duben government will do anything to get rid of anyone
Who carries the ability to communicate with the other side.
Talen will do anything to make sure that Aspen will be safe.
Even if it means Talen meeting the true death.

Hey Guys! You just read a preview to my new series, Dimension!
If you liked what you read and want to read more, comment and ask to be on the list!
Anything you would like to see in the series? Comment below!
Have a great day! 

My past will forever haunt me.
Dear Guys..!!

Be The Reason Why She Smiles
Every Morning,

Not The Reason Why She Cries
Every Night...
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