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I Tried showing off in front of my crush... But i just Face planted the floor.

Thats how unique i am ;-;

She had this dream to be someone; someone who wasn't her. It was a crazy and wild dream, but all of her dreams were. She wanted to be famous. An up and coming actress that started at the bottom and made her way to the top. She wanted to be a writer. To have her words inspire another to do just what she did. She wanted to be a singer and sing the lyrics of a heartbroken dreamer. She wanted to be known and remembered. So many people have told her "Darling, a dream is a dream. Dreams like yours are hardly ever achieved." that she stopped dreaming. She put those dreams on hold and faced reality with a cold heart. She became the person who said "A dream is a dream, you can't achieve it." She, in some way, achieved her dream. She had become someone she wasn't. 

"What ever happened to your dreams?" I asked her once.
"They only appear in my sleep, now. It's a dream after all."
"Why'd you stop trying to achieve your dreams?"
"Dreams like mine are hardly ever achieved."
"Does that mean that you have to stop dreaming?" She nodded her head with a solemn look. So I told her the story of my dream.
"Once, in the 5th grade, I had a dream. This dream seemed impossible. It consisted of a beautiful young girl who took the time to swing with me on my first day of school. I told myself she'd be mine forever. People doubted me, I even doubted myself. Yet, this beautiful young girl never seemed to doubt me. She didn't know of this dream but she was there to make sure I never stopped dreaming. I achieved this dream which seemed impossible at the time. Darling, you were my dream, still are. I never stopped dreaming because of you. I now dream that you'll achieve yours. Even if you're not an actress or a writer, you'll most definately be remembered. Honey, just because they tell you to stop dreaming, doesn't mean you do." 
That night she began writing.


And then god created Saturn

And he liked it, So he put a ring on it.
Why am i even going to bother to go somewhere, when i know i’m just going to be left out. Everyone has someone. Making me the 9th wheel, making me the loner of the group.
When You Don't Want To Go To Bed:
Mom- GO TO BED!!!!!

When You DO Want To Go To Bed:
Me- I'm tired
Mom- But you have this and this and oh hey don't forget to do this!

Just me?
i wish the world wasnt so quick to judge.
Imagine giving birth,
and instead of your
baby crying it's head off,
that little troll just screams
i'm sitting pretty on the throne, theres nothing more i want except to be alone.
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