Quotes added on Wednesday, October 23 2013

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Just found out that a guy I'd been crushing over for years had liked me back.
He just never acted on it because he was afraid of my mum.
Ffs. What an idiot.
I really do care about what you think.
It might be pathetic.
And I might be weak.
But atleast I can look at someone and know that I want to be someone they'd be proud of.
So shut up, mu'fugger.

I'm going home this weekend.
I'm gonna see my bestfriend for
the first time in two months.
I have never been more excited
in my entire life.


do kids still do lemonade stands or
do they just go straight to dealing these days?


i feel like tall people at concerts
have everything they could ever want in the world


"Don't fall out of love with yourself
when you fall in love with someone else."


I've learned a lot about myself since I've been in college.
I've grown to love myself.

Like a feather in the air,Like a leaf in the sea,I surrender to thee,I surrender to thee.-RVM
It really peeves me off when people repeat stuff.
I just want to knock them out, bury them alive and leave them for a few hours, before digging them back out, throwing them into a sea of hungry sharks and then walking off.
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