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this is my temporary home its not where I belong windows and rooms that I'm passing through this is just a stop on the way to where I'm going I'm not afraid because I know this is my temporary home

Love is a leap of faith.

"Oh...okay..I'm going to go find my jacket bye."
I dont think I have it in me to just say
"Okay slow dance with whomever."
This quote does not exist.
30 day challenge
1. 15 facts about you
2. Initials of the person you love
3. Your closest friends
4. The thing you most fear
5. The saddest moment in your life
6. Favorite sport
7. Favorite song
8. Your deepest secret
9. First impression of the guy you like now
10. Last time you cried
11. Thing closest to your heart
12. When you hear this song you cry
13. Place you wanna visit badly
14. Favorite book
15. Favorite animal
16. Favorite show
17. Last time someone hurt you
18. The story behind your life
19. Person who scares you the most
20. Last major injury
21. Favorite youtube video
22. Phone type
23. Biggest confession
24. Last break up
25. Last heart break
26. The day you regret the most
27. First friend
28. Favorite drink
29. A letter to someone in your family
30. A letter to a friend
13. all around the world, especially pokemon world

Remember when you got rid of me because you thought I was the problem to your depression?

I don't talk to you anymore but I really do want to know how you've been.
Nobody ever really knows if anyone is hurting. We could be standing next to someone completely broken and never even realize it.
Classy girls don't kiss in bars you fool.
You never understand what heartbreak is until you are the one that has to do it..

[[seductively does nothing to indicate i’m attracted to you]]

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