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the only emotions ive felt since school started
have been tired and no
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I love too much, I care too much, I'm never good enough
"Mr. Frodo, wake up!
Don't leave me here alone.
It's your Sam calling!
Don't go where I can't follow."
i've been hallucinating..... help me.. they'll kill me...
Nobodys giving me a break cause of my past mistakes
I know my reputation looks bad
But you gotta believe me, my life aint been easy
Why you gotta treat me like that?
Cause I swear I got a big heart, and I just want a fresh start
Im trying to get my life on the right track
Forget what I once was, man, trying to grow up
Quit judging me because of my past
03/21/2013-until infinity, forever and ever :)
I've finally found the one, and I've never been so sure.

The things I love about him:

- his sparkling innocent beautiful eyes
- his gorgeous smile
- his plump kissable lips
- his heart of gold <3 
- that sweet, deep manly voice and how we speaks with the gift of gab
- his soft hair that often smells like mint
- what a big guy he is! I have a supersized teddy 
- his hard muscles
- his cologne, that sent.. when I smell it I'm in heaven 
- the warmth of his body
- that gentle demeanor
- his loyalty
- holding his big hands
- going to places with him & feeling special

Things I hate: </3

- not being able to see him all the time
- seeing him sad
- seeing him stressed

I believe that there is someone out there made for everyone, & I've finally found my special someone. Together forever, no matter what, even with this distance my boo bear is always with me by my side.
I guess you're right.
There is no suh thing as a "perfect" guy.
It's not perfect I'm looking for though.
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