Quotes added on Thursday, October 31 2013

Boston deserved this. 
Go Sox! ♥

Formant: abstractreality

need a hero!
 Who's gonna fight for what's right...
 Who's gonna help us survive!
 I need a hero!
 A hero's gonna save me just in time!

what cats eat: a piece of cat food.
what dogs eat: dog food, dog dish, cat dish, fish bowl, couch, front door, half of New York, the Great Wall of China and three socks.
Would anyone care if i jumped off a bridge????

Friend: I need a cool last minuete halloween coustume
Me: Ok, so you need like a string and car keys. Take your car keys and put them on the string, then tie the string around your neck, and do you know what you have? 
Me: A leash of keys
Me: Aleashof keys
Me: Alicia Keys

Columbus: What kind of guys does Witchita go for?
Little Rock: She goes for the bad boys
Columbus: *knocks over bowl of popcorn*
Columbus: Oh, woops


My daily thoughts:
What the f/uck.
Oh my god.
Shut up.
How about no.
What is wrong with you.
Kill myself.
I hate you.
So, we're not doing that.
Exercise is for people who try.
Pipe the f/uck down.
I can't even like no.
You're stupid.

did you hear about that lady that will be giving obese kids notes, saying that they are too fat to get candy?
well this is just my opinon, but that lady is a b.itch!
*at the dinner table with my family* sister- " you guys are so weird!!" * so my brother and i get these goofy facial expressions and bat our eyes at eachother* dad- *bursts out laughing* " When I went to work this morning, i never expected to come home and see this!!" brother and i- * starts grinning at eachother, then laughs uncontrollably* me - * finally stops laughing* " Ew dad! just EW!!! " * looks at brother and bursts out laughing again* * whole family starts gasping for breath because of laughing so hard at my bro and i*
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