Quotes added on Friday, November 1 2013

To my friends makeing out with a guy for an hour is big and to me and to me having a guy get my name right after knowing me only 2 weeks is big
I was leaving class and my teacher said wait watch this kid run and here's what I saw: a white kid with a bowl cut sagging his shorts so low they're now pants,  wearing a shirt so long it's now a mini dress sprinting and holding his crotch so his pants wouldn't fall...best teacher ever
I think teachers should be tested for insanity before being approved to educate.
Am I the only one that just talks super loud when I see my crush? I'm physically incapable of speaking to him, so I talk loudly to other people so he knows I'm not mute.
Halloween at my school(part one): The popular girls dressing as the popular boys, a boy with a full on afro fits his hair into a wig, Jesus came by for lunch
Halloween at my school(part two): I said hi to Obamacare, I watched Eddie Van Halen video in band class, I got a stalker 
Sometimes i look up at the stars and ask myself if anything im looking at is real.... That maybe its all fake and im living under a ceiling that isnt mine... A world that i was accidentally misplaced in.... I feel so small and weak and vulnerable..... But that maybe just maybe that there is someone else out there looking at the stars and feeling exactly the same way.... And that im not actually ever truly alone
Halloween at my school(part three): Gym teachers dressed and scared girls as they were changing, Boys let girls put makeup on them while talking about fairies for a grade

Every scar one day will heal

Every tear one day will dry 

So my friend wasn't around for Halloween this year so I brought it to her and I called her and someone answered hello and I said in a creepy voice "I'm at your window" and it was her mom...
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