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She's so high above me.
My life summed up in one word

We'll be counting stars...
Ok so my crush is in my locker room and everyday i just stare at him while hes getting his books from his locker. I don't know how he didnt notice this yet. I realized that I have 139 days left to make a move. I've been counting... .___.
Anger and agony
Are better than misery
Trust me I've got a plan
When the lights go off you will understand
I wonder if you kept that picture of us.
I wonder if it reminds you of the innocence, the bliss of that day.
I wonder if every time you think of me, you think of how we danced.
I wonder if you ever listen to that song and think about how we sat so close together, touching.
I wonder if you would still be willing to wait for me.
I wonder if you ever wonder about me.

Being handed a flyer is the offline version
of a pop up ad.

i really wanna go to sleep but my clothes for tomorrow still need to be put in the dryer
It was all about moving to the country about opportunity and freedom, but was that what I really have received? It doesn't matter if I smile everyday, what I have gained through the years is pain, and loss of confidence not only in myself, but society in general. Have you walked through a high school hallway lately? You hear these horrible things about everyone, when in general they have never talked or confronted that person. It is all about stereo types and media, how they affect us everyday. The populars rule the school, even when we fight against them, because our pain is greater than ever, since we can't even control them. They create scars on our wrists, in our hearts and on our lives, they think they are all so funny, but in general they just generate pain. Pain that is greater than love or hope or even faith. So what do we do, we fall into silence and fake a smile everyday, just so we pretend that we weren't affected, even though we're dying inside.
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