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how does one even take one selfie and look perfet? I have to take 786584 selfies just for one to turn out ok

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Stoic: A person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feeling or complaining.


I am often described as stoic. I’m a 16 year old cheerleader, who swims, used to play soccer, used to run in track and field and who has handled depression for 8 years before anyone found out.

Working on a new story. What do you think? I'll have more up later tomorrow.
Need an ark?

I Noah guy.
So, I'm doing a comedy film for my film making project.
I do not have any ideas besides making fun of The Fox Song.

Any Ideas?
I'm sure I could master

braille in a heart beat

I just gottget the feel

for it.


For keeping me

off the

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