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I relize im the only one that can actully save myself and that no matter what treatment, or meds or people say im still stuck with my same mind everyday and I am the only one capable of setting myself free
Me: How do you move on from a guy?
Guy: Wait till you guys are alone
Guy: Take his hands
Guy: Look deep into his eyes and say
Guy: Fxck you

Im only 16 and I have more regrets in my life then a 50 year old
My new account Abstractlife I will write stories and help people find backgrounds and profile pictures.

Confession #60

I legitly hug anyone who has the same music taste as me.

Someday someone is going to look at you with a light in their eyes you’ve never seen; they’ll look at you like you’re everything they’ve been waiting for their entire lives. Wait for it.

If I'm supposed to be in
a super smart class at school,
then how come when
the Science teacher asks,
"What are the senses?",
My friend says "Fingernails!"?
Story tyme #1:

Today I was walking to my friends house to stay the night
(and she lives out in the country and I decided to walk the full 3km),
and I saw cows. And for me, being someone who barely ever sees cows, I stopped  to feed them.

Fun fun fun fun.

So much fun.

Like, a hell-a-load O3O holy shiznick I genually enjoyed myself.

Who would have thought. 
An over enthusiastic goth. 

Feeding cows.

And laughing with a grin up to her ears.
Holding a bouque of grass for her friend as
a 'sorry I got distracted' gift.

We named him Gravy.
Conversation with bestfriend:

Me: (Night before) *Kisses your cheek* Night Ky. Sweet dreams. Thanks for tonight, it was lots of fun. I love you. :)
Ky: (This morning after reading the message I sent last night) So to be honest, I had the stupidest grin on my face this morning when I read the text. XD
Me: ....Really? :)
Ky: Da XD
Me: Lol why?
Ky: Eh. It was nice >_< 

That gave me the stupidest grin on Earth reading that. 
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