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Pain isn't always 
o                 b                 v                 i                 o                 u                 s

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This quote does not exist.
I want to REFRESH my mind,DELETE my problems,UNDO and all of my mistakes,SAVE me happy moments!
what the actual f|_|ck happened to this site

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Hidden and unseen
Inside a land of dream
She's only half and half
She doesnt know where she's at
Lost in black
Trys to find her way back
Hidden and unseen
Deep within her dream
A land where she's
Not the one on her knees
Where she stands tall and proud
In front of the crowd
She stays in her mind
To the outside she's blind.
And she wanders and Breathes
The air of her dreams
For the world is too cold
Too heartless and cruel
It asks only for gold
When she's not even a jewel
So she hides in her realm
Where imagination is her helm
And her dreams are her shield
So reality yields
She will continue to cower
With her imaginations of power
And how she succeeds
in the World Of Her Dreams.
gosh, every single quote here is taken out from tumblr or any other website,
what happened guys?
I say I'm tired alot, but I don't mean tired as in sleepy. I'm tired of school. I'm tired of people. I'm tired of fake friends. I'm tired of never being good enough. I'm tired of faking a smile every single day. I'm tired of seeing the world so happy while I'm so miserable. I'm tired of feeling worthless. I'm tired of living.
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