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I don't think I could love cats any more
After meeting little Bruce Wayne,
Fluffy-Bundle-Of-Kawaii Extraordinaire.
there's nothing worse than being tempted to overdose when you have to take painkiller each day
a wild lizzy appears to say two things very briefly and then disappear again:

1. i had my first exam today and it was ok like i definitely passed

2. if i created like a huge skype group for just talking about life and boys/girls and being stupid and telling bad jokes with me, would anyone be interested in joining? because witty isn't great for chat and i wanna talk to all of you! :) also i feel like a lot of you need a place to vent and it'd be nice to have a lil community of witty friends from around the world so theres always someone to talk to, you know?


This quote does not exist.

I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
What do I do with my life
now that I've finished season 4 of Downton Abbey?
While watching Downton Abbey I'm:
Excited and
All at the same time
"Some families have compassion and respect for each other and other families can in fact be dysfunctional and negative in certain ways.  Whatever the reason may be for a family member not liking you, remember to keep your head up high and look towards a beautiful and peaceful light to help guide you through that so called, "dysfunctional family."

Everyone keeps teasing me about being so damn lazy. I just can't do this anymore. I think I'm just going to kill myself.
But the gun is like...way over there
"A family with a heart of gold will always be there for you through the rough and hard times just like good friends always do.  A family with a heart of stone could never have the strength to help guide you on that proper path or give you the proper advice you need.  Always seek advice from the ones who know best and to help you find a shield to keep away negativity forever."


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