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My boyfriend:
It's too bright.

*Covers his face*

*Looks at me*
It could be the middle of the night, but if you're with me, it'd still be too bright.


The song; You are my sunshine.


*Face palm*

This quote does not exist.

I assume it's about me. I'm constantly worried that everyone secretly hates me and it's all one big joke. I'm forever wanting to text someone, but I stop myself because I'm scared I'll annoy them. I overthink the smallest things. I'm insecure about every single little thing about myself. Just me?

I love when you have enough time,
to lay in your towel,
because you're too lazy
to put on clothes.

 ♥    ♥ 

I'm Just A
Crazy Mixed Up Mess
This quote does not exist.
I feel so alone.
Last night I spent 3 hours writing paragraphs to almost everyone I knew because they were upset I told them to keep their head held high and make everyone wonder why they are still smiling. But today I was in tears because something had happened that had changed my life forever and every single one of them people walked straight past me. every single one. I dont know why I waste my time doing this.
I'm not tired she said but her eyes sagged and were rimmed with darkness
I'm not cold she said but goosebumps pricked her skin
I'm fine she said as tears rolled down her face
Snowflake flurry
No need to hurry

It's not even December
Winter, you've got to remember

You've got time now
No need for you to wow

Let autumn come through
Let die the leaves that grew
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