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I fell in Love With Mickey Mouse


Chapter # 54

Okay, so there is three of them now.

"Stop thinking." He explained
A wave came quickly, ready to swallow Kai.  
"Kai!" I screamed
Before he had a chance to react, the ocean wave rised up and brought Kai down to his knees. I giggled and jogged towards him. The water backed away but the sand was till moist and cold. The wind pushed me back but I pushed forwards. 
"You okay?" I laughed
He blushed and giggled.
"This always happens." He complained
"You always get hit by ocean waves?" I guessed
He wrapped his arms around his knees. His cheeks turned into a faded shade of red. He bit his lips and laughed.
"No," He looked up at the ocean
"I always make a fool of my self." He admited while slowly tilting his head towards me
"when pretty girls are around." He confessed. 
His eyes were twinkling jet black. I looked carefully but I couldn't seem to spot his pupils. His eyebrows were black too, but they were a lot softer and not as bold as his eyes. His nose was sharp but small. His mouth was small too. His pink lips contrasted with his deep tan skin. By judging from his overall image, I came to the conclusion that he was latin. 
"Kai what are you, like what nationality?" I asked
"I'm so mixed it's not even funny." He giggled
"Well do you know?" I asked
"Both of my parents are from Hawaii. But, my mom is half native Hawaiian and 1/4 Mexican, 1/4 Swedish. My dad's 1/4 black, 1/4 English, 1/6 Japanese...." He listed
"Dang boy, you weren't kidding." I laughed
He shook his head and smiled.
"What are you?" He asked
"I'm white." I giggled
"White people come from places too." He smiled
"Well, I know from my dad's side there is Russian and German." I answered
"I my mom says she's Jewish, but isn't sure because she was adopted." I answered
"I think you're Greek." He smiled
"Why Greek?" I questioned
"Because legend says the Greeks were decended from Gods and Godesses and you look like you could be one of them." He siad
I took a deep breath and bit my lip.

The poor people are often the most generous
Being humble is the sexiest trait
Be beautiful at any price

I like a woman to be a beautiful lady

As beauty for females is force

and for males is a booty 

we push women to be strong 

not out of love or ennobling

but to enjoy the booty !
"Be strong"
I whisper to my wifi signal
Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel
Fake friends are no different than shadows; they stick around during your brightest moments, but disappear during your darkest hours.....
sometimes, the songs I listen to reprents the words that I'm really afraid to say
Einstein developed a theory about space
And it was about time too.
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