Quotes added on Wednesday, November 13 2013

The very first assignment I turned in this school year was dated August 31, 2010.
The teacher didn't even notice my mistake.


i'll take your bad days with your good
i do it all because i love you
This is me.
With every one of my imperfections.

This is me
With my broken heart wore on my wrist.

This is me
With my tear swollen eyes.

This is me
With every mistake I have and ever will make.

And this is you
Judging me for who I am.

And this is you
Bringing me down.

And this is you
Carelessly hurting me.

And this is you
Slowly killing every square inch of me.

I'm 16 today!!!!!!!!! yay!!!

If i had a girlfriend

i would've named her



let's pollinate to create a family tree
this         evolution         with                       you         comes          naturally
_.·´¯`·»           some   call   it   science   we   call   it ( chemistry )
 this       is       the       story       of       the        birds       and the bees   /////

I think I'm going to curl up in a hole and like pass out

Wake me up when September ends, okay?

are you math?
because i don't understand you.

Hayley Williams is h0t.

Your arguement is invalid.
Girl: If you don't belong with us, and you don't belong with them, where do you belong?

Me: I don't.
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