Quotes added on Saturday, November 16 2013

I would tell him how much I neede wanted him, maybe he'd like me the way I like him.
My mom finally accepted the fact that I am wierd.
This quote does not exist.
Night falls and stars show bright.
You lie down, your stress you fight.
Day, the sun, tis all long away.
Close your eyes and dream.
Open and in your window it streams.
Light of the bright morning.
You sigh and nod, you saw this coming.
Getting up you are still very tired.
You drink something, you get wired.
You are hyper for an hour.
Till your day goes sour.
Go to youtube watch a video with a kitty.
This reminds you 'Let me go check witty'.

 Going back and deleting some of your quotes because
                           you can't believe you actually wrote them


This quote does not exist.

its my birthday guys i literally stayed up just so i could tell everyone 
but someone from issues said they loved me and even though i didnt get a follow i am still freaking out like
wowie. hopefully today someone i love will do a follow spree or something because that would be the best
present ever ya dig

ily all
SOtD #6



Like yesss.<3
This quote does not exist.
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