Quotes added on Monday, November 18 2013

they say that in the end everything will be okay; if its not okay, then its not the end.
Virgîn shaming and slvt shaming p1ss s me off in equal amounts. There's nothing magical or special about being a virgiñ, and same goes with having sèx. You wanna know what's magical? Shutting the fvck up about people's personal choices.
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I dont like Witty anymore. It use to be full of creative people, now all the post are off of tumblr. I miss the old Witty. What happened?
Anyone else watching the HALO awards and hoping one day you might make a change
There is something wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant sleep too busy talking to people from india
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I wish I took the chance to tell you that I love you
I wish I knew before, that you
loved me too
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