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This quote does not exist.
I love her
I loved her from the start
I will do anything to make her happy
anything to make her smile
even walk into a pole and say "excuse me ma'am"
I will love her today, tomorrow, and the day after and more
she drives me up the wall and messes with my head
but I'm pretty sure i do the same
she is wonderful, incredible 
a dream in my reality
She stands there smiling and I
I can't help but fall even more
This quote does not exist.
We're not lovers
But more than friends
Put a flame to every single word you ever said
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''Write Something A Stranger Would Hang On Their Wall,''

Me: Sometimes when I eat a lot, I poop.
Wittians: .....
Me: I tried.

I have grown and learned and I understand the world and I become an adult and yet: I’m still afraid to look under my bed at night because I think some ghost will get me

My voice in the video is not my voice

My pic in the phone is not what see is mirror

I’m not me, who I’m i? 

Mr. been

A man who made so many people laugh without talking

And me trying to make my friends laugh over 10 years and all what they say:


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