Quotes added on Saturday, November 23 2013

take my love
pull it out of my heart
put it in a pen
write it on paper
and you'd find your name 
written on every line

Today my history teacher asked us,

"What is today the 50th anniversary of?"

And I blurted out


Then she starred at me for a minute,
and said,

"No, It's the 50th anniversary of the assasination on JFK."

And I bowed my head in shame while the class laughed at me.
Hey guys, I've started a youtube channel. 
I'd really appreciate it if you'd subscribe (: I'm posting my first video in about a week. 
My parents think I'm insane for doing youtube videos. But, it makes me happy to film and edit videos, so why not share them?
I love you guys so much. 
Thank you to the people who do ! xoxo

How is "slùt" even an insult?
Like get that díck girl.

You know how sometimes you spend so much time with one person
That all their habits and gestures and reactions and personality in general just start to rub off on you
And yours rubs off on them
And eventually you just realize how alike you've both become without even noticing it.


If all the amazing quote writers leave us slowly,


Will our top quotes be like 12 favs each??

This quote does not exist.

I can smell your lame ♥ 
This quote does not exist.
seriously hating my life..... I made a horrable mistake
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