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i just want someone to draw me the way they see me

Your lipstick, his collar,
Don't bother angel.


If these tears were gasoline,
I'd light a fire, make you notice me.
Swim in a line, just to make you see.
Nothing to crazy, if it makes you notice me.  

that "aren't you little olfor this"
look you get when you order a happy meal at McDonalds.

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Confessions #1
Once I was talking to a guy while eating ice cream and I must've said something he didn't agree with because he threw my ice cream on the road.
So, I picked up my ice cream cone and when he turned around I smashed the ice cream onto his shirt's back and he turned around and I thought he was gonna throw it at my face so, I threw it away and it hit one of my guy friend's shirt and he got freaked out and I just freaked out a little bit and I apologised to my guy friend and ran to my bus and everyone just shook hands with me because the guy whose shirt I had smashed with ice cream was a real d.ouchebag.
Anyone have any weight loss types they would share with me?????
you cant do this to me
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